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(English will follow)_Je sais parfois tu


One day you become a photographer and then you cannot go back. Life is all about perception and photography bring you closer to the world.

As a teenager Christine found her voice through photography. It started with an interest which grows to a passion and bloom into a talent. After a couple years experimenting with this art. 
She knew what she wanted to do in her life. In 2014, she graduated college in photography at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. 

Since then, she is collecting photographs from all over the world and working on different
 projects. Selling her prints since 2016, Christine Drouin had her first international exhibition in London, Uk, during 2018. She is interested to work and partnership with brand or people who have environnement and ethical values at heart. 

Behind the camera, she have this special feeling of freedom and curiosity. She wants people to look at her pictures and feel some things. She want them to travel at every sight and to feel breath taken as she was taking this picture.

"Everyone can be a photographer,     but who really have the eye? "

-Christine Drouin

More then a photographer

Believe it or not, Christine Drouin is more then just a travel photographer. She actually really knew what she was going to do with her life 4 years after graduating college. 

Christine is a creative and passionnate person. As she like traveling, she thought : why not become my own destination? She would love to create her own gallery in a modern ecological house and host traveler into a life changing experience.

The project does not stop here. But let's keep a little surprise for the complete project revelation. 

To learn more about her travel story click here. 


Exhibition, Photography now, Brick lane galery, Londres, Uk, 2018
Exhibition at Mtl en Arts festival, 2017-2018
Exhibition at Gratitude Cafe, Orford, 2017
Travel photography, 2013 - today
Freelance photographer, 2013 - today
Photo publication (Éléphants, Thaïlande) in Véganes Magazine, 2017
Exhibition at Salon Reso de la rive-nord, 2016
Wedding photographer, 2011 et 2016
Media at Osheaga and Valhalla Sound Circus music festival, 2015
Publication of Fashion editorial Androgyne online magazine Flanelle, 2015
Interview and publication of street photography, online magazine Cuckoo, 2015
Exhibition, graduated photographer of college, du CVM, Infopresse, 2014
Independant photojournalist during protest, Montréal, 2013

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